The sign of the fixed cross of the element of Air - Aquarius is changeable by nature, but does not like change, is full of contradictions. A bright individualist, Aquarius is prone to mood swings, sometimes elegant, sometimes sloppy, lack self-discipline, decisive and has a bright temperament. Can't stand routine and boring duties. Independence is the main condition for them to work.

Aquarius is endowed with creative energy, optimism, and developed intuition. They are often attractive and intellectually gifted. Strong impressionability, the ability to establish friendships, and the necessary connections, original ideas, and a view of the world, make Aquarius an irreplaceable friend and like-minded person. With Aquarius, it's good to start new projects that seem fantastic but are usually ahead of their time. Aquarius loves to experiment, stand out, take risks, and find the latest - be it ideas, gadgets, or a lifestyle.

Aquarius is no stranger to nobility, he is a hospitable host, he himself easily endures everyday hardships, easily adapts to unfamiliar surroundings. Impulsive, unstable, does not belong to any business, or to a person entirely. He is always looking into the future, wishes happiness to all of humanity, therefore, he may not notice an individual person. Take responsibility for family and friends.

Aquarius is an extraordinary person. Sometimes people born under this sign can be very unique. Men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are very different. Let's list the positive and negative traits of Aquarius:

The main positive traits of Aquarius

In general, Aquarians are optimistic and easy-going people. They are able to unite around themselves a lot of like-minded people, infecting everyone with their ideas. Due to the fact that the sign of Aquarius corresponds to the House of Friendship, they are loyal and devoted friends. It is almost impossible to find an Aquarius bored alone, he is always surrounded by people. This is both a positive and a negative trait of this zodiac - sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad because may interfere with their partner. Positive traits of Aquarius include:

  1. Kindness,
  2. Gentle character;
  3. Always willing to always help.
  4. Modesty and benevolence.
  5. Unusual intelligence. Aquarians are especially pleased when they turn to them for advice, they are one of the best advisers. Unusual intelligence allows people of this sign to easily acquire skills and knowledge. However, regardless of their talents, they are the least likely to try to prove their superiority.
  6. Fidelity in love. Another plus of Aquarius is their loyalty and dedication in love (if not physically, then spiritually), however, they are always a little restrained, so they rarely show their emotions.

The main negative traits of Aquarius

The disadvantages of Aquarius include

  1. The tendency to spend their skills in trying to gain a prominent position in society is the main threat to the success of Aquarius
  2. Aquarius talks too much about the future, but their ideas rarely become reality.
  3. Another negative trait of Aquarius. Because of the desire to achieve everything that one wants, without taking into account the consequences or opinions of others, they will be judged by their appearance, and other positive aspects will not be appreciated.
  4. Aquarius, especially in the intellectual field, requires an unusual combination of virtues, and when they do not find it, they lower their requirements and remain "with the flock." And they should not do this since their intellectual capabilities allow them to go further and find smarter friends. The wise Aquarius will understand that he will achieve his goals faster if he acts within the conditional framework, this is even when the compromise is temporary. Otherwise, Aquarius is in great danger of becoming superficial.

The most important disadvantage of Aquarius is that they tend to self-destruct. And the fate of the intellect is essentially loneliness. Despite the pros and cons of the zodiac sign Aquarius, they often find their place in society and their activities bring a lot of benefits to others.

Aquairus Myths

To start with the most common myth that Aquarians are very peaceful creatures.

Any Aquarius will never seriously fight or compete with someone in any other way - he already knows that he is so superior to his opponent that any comparison is simply meaningless. How can the world's coolest athlete and supersonic fighter pilot compete in a sprint?

That is why all Aquarians very often leave any violence or competition - their innate sense of their own superiority and uniqueness simply will not allow them to take what is happening seriously, and they will either participate "for the sake of appearance", or even give up on this nonsense and go to more interesting things, of which a real Aquarius always has so many that any Gemini would be full of envy.

Aquarius is greedy

So, Aquarius does not suffer from peacefulness. At the same time, he does not suffer from disinterestedness, but here he is again "rescued" by his fantastic megalomania. Any Aquarius absolutely sincerely believes that the whole world already belongs to him by right - so what's the point of arguing over some tiny pieces of it? He can quite easily and sincerely give the last dime, lunch, or a movie ticket to his friend - simply because he knows that tomorrow if he wants to, he can have it all again and even more, and the gratitude of a person is always pleasant and at least funny ...

Aquarius needs someone beside them

There are already many legends about the "ability to understand" and "the ability to be friends" of Aquarius, but no one has ever said what actually lies behind these qualities. Any Aquarius stands on the top of the highest mountain in the world, and at this top, of course, there is no place for someone else ... that is why any Aquarius is initially ready to come to terms with his loneliness, and that is why he is sure that a true friend, " the same "or at least " an equal " is not for him.