Hercules / Heracles is the son of Zeus, King of the Olympian gods, and the mortal woman Alcmena. Long ago, Athena, daughter of Zeus, the goddess of wisdom and holy war, learned about the prophecy that promised the Olympians future wars and misfortunes. Therefore, the Gods needed a hero who could protect them from the coming threats. Upon learning of this, Athena told everything to her father, and then he decided to take action and bring a new champion into this world. Zeus spent the night with the mortal woman Alcmene, assuming the guise of her husband, the Theban king Amphitryon. Soon a boy was born, who was named Hercules.

Athena wanted the child to grow up strong, like a real God, and therefore tricked Zeus' wife Hera to breastfeed Hercules. During the meal, the boy sometimes bit Hera, and later she learned that Hercules was the son of a mortal woman.

The greatest merit of Hercules, perhaps, is the killing in the war of many Titans, the children of Gaea, with whom even the Gods of Olympus could not cope. The war between the Titans and the Olympians ended in victory for the latter. First of all, the son of Zeus is known for his twelve feats, which he performed to prove to his father that he deserves immortality, and in the name of his atonement for the murder of his wife Megara and his children. After that, Hera hated Hercules and Athena and vowed to take revenge on them. Thanks to his divine blood and Hera's milk, Hercules was born with immense strength, which he demonstrated when he was not even a year old, strangling two snakes that Hera sent to kill the boy.

There were many interesting and dangerous adventures in the life of Hercules. He sailed with the Argonauts, fought with them against Akaana, fought the Hydra, saw the death of Medusa, defeated Antaeus, and held the firmament instead of Atlas.

  1. Killing the Nemean Lion, and then using his skin as impenetrable armor.
  2. Victory over the Lernean Hydra, the nine-headed snake.
  3. Taming the Erymanthian Boar.
  4. The capture of the Cerynein Hind, a deer sacred to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.
  5. Killing Stymphalian Birds man-eaters.
  6. Cleaning the Augean Stables
  7. Killing the Cretan Bull, parent of the Minotaur
  8. The domestication of the cannibals of King Diomedes
  9. Finding the belt of Hyppolita, Queen of the Amazons. After he courted her.
  10. The abduction of the red cows of the giant Geryon, the murder of Geryon and his two-headed dog Orthus.
  11. Abduction of golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides, by deceiving the titan Atlas, killing the dragon Ladon.
  12. The abduction of Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld, the salvation of Theseus.

By performing these feats, Hercules earned himself three immortal enemies for life. Having exterminated the Stimphalian birds - cannibals, Hercules was hated by his half-brother Ares (Ares), for whom birds were sacred. Having kidnapped Cerberus, the three-headed dog, the guardian of the underworld, Hercules thereby insulted Pluto / Hades. The murder of the Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, and other monsters forced Hercules into open enmity with Typhon and some Titans. Hercules had many enemies among other races, for example, centaurs. The centaur Nessus has kidnapped Hercules' wife, Deiaenira.

Hercules found him and mortally wounded him with an arrow from a bow dipped into the poison of a hydra. While dying, Ness allegedly wanted to atone for his guilt, he deceived Deiaenira, telling her that his blood could be used as a love potion. In fact, the blood of the centaur was poisoned by the blood of the hydra.

Hercules was the primary representation of the “perfect hero” and may have been utilized as the demonstrate for afterward greats such as Achilles and Alexander the Incredible, who were both thought to have idolized Hercules. Myths of Hercules have captivated gatherings of people and set up themselves in prevalent culture since the days of antiquated Greece. Streak forward to the display, and the Hercules title is trendier than ever. His stories are routinely delineated through books, TV appears, comics, motion pictures, plays, activity figures, and indeed video games. Though he hasn’t always been depicted accurately within the lime light, these present-day representations are basic to keeping his legend lively. Within the final 50 a long time alone, he has been the inspiration for different works of craftsmanship. In 1963, Hercules was without further ado spoken to within the motion picture Jason and the Argonauts. He joined Jason and the group of the Argo in the look of the Brilliant Downy but cleared out the mission early for individual reasons, which is steady with the genuine myth of Jason and the Argonauts.

In 1970 the motion picture Hercules in Modern York cast the idealized driving part in Arnold Schwarzenegger, who looked like a cutting edge day form of our legend but had small to do with real mythology. The casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hercules appeared particularly substantial since both have had such an effect on the beliefs of physical wellness and the craftsmanship of body building.

Another feature of prevalent culture that grandstands Hercules is the Wonder Comedian Books. The Wonder adaptation of Hercules was made in 1965 by Stan Lee as a super solid equal to Thor, who came from Norse mythology. Within the comic books, he commonly appeared in his Lion skin cloak and holding his notorious wooden club. His ordinary super quality and courage are characterizing qualities within the comedian book representation, as is his part as a womanizer. The Wonder comics moreover accurately depict his bouts with the creature Typhon.