It cannot be denied that the representatives of the zodiac sign Leo are in many respects inherent in all those volitional qualities as the royal animal that gave this sign its name. Such a person seeks to win and conquer everything that becomes interesting to him, regardless of whether we are talking about a partner, a new profession, or a car. It is important for Leo to win, even if the object of desire is easily accessible. The characteristic features of Leos largely depend on the period of their zodiacal month they were born. For example, from July 23 to August 3, this sign is under the influence of Saturn, and the Saturnian Leo is very ardent and does not tolerate coercion. From 4 to 12 August, the Jupiterian Leos are born, inclined to logic and the exact sciences. But Lions, born under the influence of Mars, which defines their nature from August 13 to 22, are natural-born leaders.

At first glance, it seems that fiery Leo is more than other signs of the zodiac, measured out with spiritual warmth, kindness, strength, and energy. But even such ideal and wonderful people have their weaknesses and shortcomings - this is the law of equilibrium.

Positive traits of Leo

  • Leos value and love themselves. They absolutely confidently set a good price for their services and will not agree to work for a penny. It is vital for them to receive admiring glances, compliments, and praise: at work, at home, on a walk.
  • They care about the attractiveness of their appearance. It is important for a lion to have a well-groomed and tidy appearance. A good hairstyle, make-up, ironed suit - with any financial condition, this person is able to look decent.
  • Leo is not stingy when choosing a gift for a loved one or friend. For him, this is another reason to stand out and realize his superiority.
  • Leos are most often able to cope with difficulties. They are able to think out of the ordinary and creatively. Even with minimal income, they manage to look good, visit restaurants and clubs, relax, and have fun.
  • Leo takes responsibility for himself and is always ready to protect loved ones. He will answer the blow for a blow if he feels threatened and in danger.

Negative traits of Leo

  • Leos are prone to vanity. They are susceptible to flattering words and compliments. People of this sign sometimes exaggerate their importance. Their ill-wishers know this, so with the help of praise, they can influence the Leos.
  • Representatives of this sign strive to lead any movement. They see their purpose in command and control. If subordinates or a partner no longer obey, Leo can simply leave.
  • Leo thinks he was made for luxury. However, the desire to look "expensive and rich" is fraught with financial losses. These people find it difficult to overcome the temptation to spend all their money on luxurious things and pleasures.
  • The Leo sign is synonymous with stubbornness. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which he admits his mistakes and delusions. This is beyond his strength.
  • Leos love compliments and praise. But, unfortunately, they cannot always distinguish sincerity from a desire to manipulate. With the help of undisguised flattery from a representative of a royal sign, a cunning person can use this quality of Leo to achieve their personal goals.


Natural compatibility of Leo within their element of Fire: with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Fire signs are quickly possessed by passion, but they are also able to quickly cool down. In their unions, there is a constant struggle for superiority, they are guided by jealousy, and even if such a couple behaves beautifully and dignified in public, at home they often throw scandals at each other. The family rivalry between the two Leos is perceived by them as an exciting game. The confrontation between two stubborn people - the intellectual Leo and the romantic Aries - threatens to constantly split the main role in their own scripts, which is also permissible if they combine the scripts and play the lines correctly.

Favorable compatibility of Leo with the signs of the element of Air: with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Fire and air signs are compatible in their temperament, intellect, and spiritual quest. The physical side is manifested with a significant amount of passion. With air signs, Leo remains in his element: neither Gemini, nor Libra, nor Aquarius will fanatically claim leadership, except for the intellectual and creative, in which they are out of the competition. But this does not mean at all that Leo will be able to abuse their patience in friendly relations and impose on them the behavior of slaves worshiping His Majesty.

Unfavorable compatibility of Leo with the signs of the elements of Earth and Water: with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces

Even if we proceed from the simple logic of the destinations of the elements, it becomes clear that Fire is not useful for the Earth, since it is capable of burning it out, and the Earth is not the best environment for igniting a flame. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are inclined to accumulate a "harvest" and create stability, Fiery Leo is by nature a wasteful, therefore antagonism is initially laid between them.

The signs of Water - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces - are able to captivate Leo with the wealth of the inner world, and Leo will conquer them with the breadth of nature and the splendor of the image. But from the first minutes, conflicts will arise between these signs. There can be no reason: there can be only one winner in the meeting of Fire and Water.

And although Leo will feel that his partner is capable of self-sacrifice, and the King of Beasts will be flattering it, he will still not be able to change his condescending and dismissive attitude towards "weak" signs, stop flirting right and left, stop opposing strength to feelings...