People born under this sign are especially sensitive - even a casual spoken unkind word can plunge them into depression; at the same time, Cancer has a fairly strong internal energy, and there is no doubt that this depressed state will quickly be transmitted to others. Nevertheless, Cancer should not be imagined as a constant melancholic, suffering every second from the imperfection of the world - he also loves to laugh and has a very good sense of humor.

Cancer's life is characterized by alternating periods of ups and downs, while even under the most favorable circumstances, people of this sign sometimes prefer to retreat and take advantage of the calm to take a break.

There is an impression that Cancer carries a shell, because of what they seem cruel, bitter, and literally unbreakable. But this is only an image and an extremely deceiving impression. In fact, they are sensitive, kind, and soft-hearted in nature.

It is incredibly difficult to analyze the positive and negative traits of Cancer. Before us, there is a sign which is fairly closed by nature, which presupposes opening only in a circle of close people (and that is not always true).

Positive traits of Cancer


Cancers are distinguished by special loyalty, sincerity, and devotion. They see no point in building a relationship if they are not loyal to their partner. In general, trust is very important for Cancers in relationships. It is on this, in their opinion, that a strong and happy love union is built. Cancers are reliable, you can always rely on them.


In everyday life, Cancers are very economic and flexible, and this applies to both men and women. It is important for the representatives of this Zodiac Sign that they are in a comfortable environment. With their care and warmth, they also envelop a loved one.

You won't get bored

With Cancers, you definitely won't get bored. They love to have fun, have an excellent sense of humor. Cancers are constant inventors, they are distinguished by their creative and creative talent, which turns even the most ordinary everyday life into a bright holiday.


Cancer is one of the most romantic Zodiac Signs. They try to maintain tenderness and passion in a relationship at all times. Cancers themselves need romance, so they willingly create it in a relationship with a loved one. With them, you will always feel loved and desired.

Negative traits of Cancer


Cancers are very vulnerable and sensitive, they are offended by trifles, which is very exhausting. Cancers can take offense at the smallest trifle and experience these offenses inside themselves. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign like to lock themselves in on their grievances, and not discuss them with a partner, which does not lead to anything good.


Cancers are incredibly jealous. Despite the fact that they put trust at the forefront of the relationship, they cannot help themselves. Cancers are very loyal, so they demand the same from a partner. Not infrequently, they find reasons for jealousy where they do not exist. Such a game, to some extent, gives them pleasure.

Need constant praise

Cancers do everything for a loved one, take care, pamper, and delight them. However, it is important for them to often hear praise addressed to them. If they do not feel grateful, then the enthusiasm quickly disappears, they withdraw into themselves, engaging in self-digging and looking for a reason for what is wrong with them.

Mood swings

Cancers abuse their mood swings that will drive anyone crazy. Here they are having fun and smiling, and after 5 minutes they can sit pouty and angry. It is difficult to keep track of the mood and emotions of Cancers. In addition, you can get them under the arm at the most inopportune moment.


Love is a reward for anyone who receives it from the representatives of this sign, and few are worthy of it, although Cancers often do not even know about it. They equally love those who adore them and who hate them. It's just that representatives of this sign do not know how to do it differently, moreover, they often become victims of their own delusion that everyone loves so much. This makes Cancer the most emotionally vulnerable of the twelve zodiac signs.

However, with the right chosen one, Cancer's weak point becomes their strong point. A person who is able to provide Cancer with an equal exchange of love, sensuality, attention, and care will receive a hundred times more. The main thing is that they have the same need for feelings, otherwise, Cancer will bury them under the weight of their love. Not everyone is able to withstand this, but there is no other way with Cancers.

Home for Cancer is of great importance. The concept of a home, like the concept of a family, for Cancer, is somewhat broader than its traditional meaning. Home for Cancer is not only his concrete home but, above all, a place where he feels completely safe and where he is most comfortable, above all mentally comfortable. For Cancer, it is important what environment he lives in.

Cancer has a complicated relationship with children. This is mainly due to Cancer character and the inability to build the much needed parent-child relationship with their children. Nevertheless, if this relationship is established, Cancer can prove to be one of the best parents of the 12 zodiac signs.

Money rarely takes center stage in the life of Cancer. Their main mission is home, family, caring for loved ones. Of course, you can find those who consider money to be the meaning of life while managing to equally distribute their energy and time between work and home. True, at work they also create a homely atmosphere in order to balance the needs dictated by the zodiac sign and the desire to realize themselves in the profession which brings the most money.