“Aries” is obliged to open the zodiac horoscope to the vernal equinox point: when the signs of the zodiac received their modern names, it was in this constellation. Meanwhile, people born under this sign have sufficient strength and determination to push forward even in cases where circumstances, it would seem, are not in their favor. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a typical representative of the element of fire under the auspices of Mars, and therefore the representatives of this sign are ambitious, active, impulsive, ambitious people and are distinguished by outstanding energy. As absolute leaders by nature, Aries are distinguished by courage and dedication, bordering on idealism and naivety, but often these romantically-minded arrogant and enthusiasts turn into real dictators. The symbol of the Aries sign is a ram with curved horns, denoting aggression, energy, strength, and authoritarianism.

All aspirations of Aries are remarkable for their purposefulness - they most often live following the principle "the end justifies the means." In addition, in achieving the set results, Aries enjoy not only the result, but also the process - passive inaction and laziness are destructive and unnatural for them. Representatives of this sign are constantly in motion, not always having time to analyze and show flexibility, and therefore easily take only those heights that surrender under the pressure of aggression, authority, and strength. In cases where it is necessary to apply diplomatic tact, cunning, compromise, Aries find themselves in a weak position.

It must be said that as for each zodiac sign, Aries has his ups and downs, the positive and negative traits of Aries sometimes merge into each other since the line between them is very thin. We can say that Aries are people of mood. But what is stable in them is the feeling of freedom and self-confidence. Even if there is a pile of broken wood behind them, they will think that it should have happened. Arguing with them is a lost cause. You can simply put up with the shortcomings and positive aspects of Aries.

The main positive traits of Aries

  1. Confidence. When you see how Aries acts, you understand that nothing is impossible in life. If he is up to something, then he can no longer be stopped. He breaks down walls, rather than wasting time on how to get around them, and it is better for him to give way.
  2. Self-reliance. If he has set a goal, he will achieve it without attracting help. If the moment comes when it will be necessary to show determination, he will not throw everything off his sore head onto a healthy one but will try to find the most correct solution to the problem.
  3. Generosity. Yes, you can't take this away from Aries. He loves to help financially and morally, take off his last shirt and give it to a tramp. The Aries man in particular loves to load up his passion. He will never come empty-handed if invited home. The mother of the chosen one will undoubtedly appreciate the bouquet, bought especially for her, and if this is also a holiday, then he will be able to organize a whole celebration in honor of the occasion, not counting every penny.

The main negative traits of Aries

  1. Their confidence sometimes acquires the features of self-centeredness and elevation of themselves over others. They know how to act in a given situation because they are always right. The advice and tips only annoy Aries, as they will feel like unnecessary pressure.
  2. Love for independence, freedom sometimes unjustifiably winds the selfishness of others on the flywheel. Their activity, eternal righteousness, and obstinacy repel more calm natures, but it seems that they do not even notice this. They care about those who value them just like that and do not try to change them, fence them in, or drive them into a frame.
  3. Aries' generosity goes side by side with greed. No family ties work for Aries' favor. If they decide to save money, not lend or buy, then it will be so. What is the reason for this? Rather, you can turn everything around to the influence of the planets, than wait for an explanation from the very representative of this sign.

As a parent - For Aries, children are an object of love and pride. He is just a wonderful parent, as he can easily win the heart of any toddler or older child. He does not lisp with them, but communicates at the level of trust and mutual understanding, trying to make friends. Mothers born under this sign appreciate the obedience of their children, so at times they can be too strict. They should be more patient and loyal, learn to control their temper and anger.

As a friend - Aries' honesty, his willingness to come to the rescue in a difficult situation, and fight to the end "for his own" - this is what makes Aries a desirable friend and loyal companion. Aries will never creep into your soul, if you do not finish saying something, he will not even think of "torturing" you. Aries cannot be called attentive: he may not notice someone else's grief or depression for months. And not only because he is too self-centered. It's just that in his presence people often cheer up and their mood improves.

As a partner - The planet Mars, patronizing Aries, endows him with an inexhaustible supply of energy and vitality for heroic deeds. His behavior is impulsive, and his actions are unpredictable, he is proactive and straightforward, not subject to the opinion of society, used to dictate his will, and not be led. His nature is imbued with the desire to win, which allows him to quickly navigate in unforeseen situations and make decisions without delay.