What happens when you see a cluster of clovers growing in an open field? Is your first instinct to find a four-leaf clover for good luck?

For years, and in almost every part of the world, human beings have believed in good luck charms. They have created a belief system that attaches good luck to a wide variety of things. From simple practices such as rubbing one’s hair to gods such as the Indian Ganesha to plants and assorted items, these good luck symbols are important to many.

It is normal to want to believe in good luck charms. After all, one needs a lot of luck to navigate through life. Here are some of the most famous lucky symbols from around the world to consider.

Four-leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is an ancient and yet famous good luck charm that has been used by millions of people around the world. The belief originates from the Celtics in olden Irish traditions that associate this particular clover with luck, hope, faith and love. There are other different legends that associate the four-leaf clover with wealth, faithful love, health and fame.

Four-leaf clovers are not easy to find. Usually, it takes a lot of looking before you can find one. Even then, it can be hard to know whether you have the right clover. To know whether the clover you have is the actual one, look at the size of the leaves. One of the four leaves should be smaller than the rest.

It is also possible to make yourself a four-leafed lucky charm and avoid having to kneel over thousands of clovers for that one lucky one.

Lucky Horse Shoe Charm

There are two famous legends associated with this lucky charm. One involves fairies. Since horseshoes were made of iron, and iron affected fairies, hanging horseshoes around the house discouraged ill-intent fairies from visiting your house.

The other legend originates from Irish folklore and involves a blacksmith and the devil in the 10th century. Saint Dunstan, a famous historical figure and blacksmith who died in 988AD, was approached by the devil. The hoofed devil wanted some shoes and so he commanded Dunstan to make him a pair.

Dunstan, and in the behest of the devil, nailed a hot shoe on one of the devil’s hoofs. The shoe was too hot for the devil to bear so he begged he saint to remove it. Dunstan agreed but on condition that the devil would not only respect the horseshoe but would also never enter any home with a horseshoe hanging at the door.

The legend would later spread and grow in populace until it was adapted in many parts of the world. Regardless of what legend is true horseshoes make interesting lucky charms that will definitely bring some luck your way. All you have to do is hang it upside down in your home so that the shoe can fill with luck.

Rabbit Foot Charms

Rabbit feet are another popular symbols of luck. They involve having a rabbit’s foot in your possession to increase your chances of getting lucky. Some cultures even believe that putting a rabbit’s foot under your bed will increase their chances of conceiving. Others see it as a way to get a bountiful harvest. The most popular legend associated with rabbits left hind leg with luck because of their ability to associate with the dead. It was believed that a rabbit that associated with the body of a criminal would bring luck.

Luckily, you do not have to kill bunnies to get yourself some good luck charm, not in this day and age. You can either buy a fake rabbit foot or make one yourself and carry it with you all the time to bring luck for yourself.

Lucky Dice Charm

The lucky dice charm is perhaps one of the most modern lucky charms in the world. Dice are used in gambling where one requires some level of luck to win. The legend started during World War II when fighter pilots would be subjected to grim odds as they fought their enemies.

Due to the intensity of the war, there was never really any guarantee that one would come back alive. Therefore, these pilots started to carry a variety of lucky charms to better their odds.

In 1959, Deccofelt Corp noticed this trend and started making fuzzy dice to be used as lucky charms. Currently, they are hung in rearview mirrors while others are hung in the office as lucky charms.

You can get yourself a fuzzy dice talisman and increase your odds of getting lucky in life.


Ladybugs are not only popular across the world, but they are also an almost universal symbol of good luck to many people. Some communities, like Germans, have even called them lucky bugs “Glueckskaefer" because of their belief in their ability to bring luck in one’s life.

Cultures around the world hold the bug in high regard. Some dictate that if a ladybug crawls on your skin and you let it without blowing it way, you will get some good luck. Others believe that if a maiden sees a ladybug, they will get lucky and get a mate soon. Other cultures associate Ladybugs with love and believe that if a man and woman see a ladybug at the same time, they will fall in love.  

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people associate Ladybugs with luck is their beautiful patterns and calm nature. It helps to be kind to these peaceful and quiet creatures if you want to increase your chances of getting lucky in life.

There are more than 10 good luck symbols in the world right now. Regardless of what symbol you pick, it helps to understand that luck alone will o work in getting you to where you want in life. You have to work hard and smart in whatever you do in order to increase your chances of getting lucky.