If you have had the fortune of meeting a Taurus, you understand that they are peculiar beings who can be hard to understand or explain at times. Their life is best lived with physical pleasures and material goods. Therefore, it is not strange to find a Taurus surrounded by comforts such as flavourful wines and foods, fine arts and anything that can be considered cosy.

This is because the Taurus zodiac sign, which is represented by a bull, is ruled by Venus; a planet governing love, beauty and money. The Taurus is known to be the most sensual sign of the zodiac.  Their loyal nature makes them a great choice in maintaining systems since consistency and reliability is one of their main priorities.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of this earth sign.

Personality Traits of Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

It is hard to solely classify Tauruses as pleasure-seeking beings. While their worlds would be much better if they had all the pleasures in the world, Tauruses come with other traits that make them stand out among other zodiac signs.

Positive Taurus Traits

They are stable and consistent. Tauruses do not like change and you will find this helpful when you need a stable and consistent partner to help you see a plan through. They can get upset when they feel that their sense of normalcy is being disturbed.

They place great value in honesty. Tauruses are honest people and expect nothing less from their friends and family. They can be unforgiving towards dishonest people.

They are hardworking. While a Taurus would rather spend the day being pampered and showered with the finest of things in the world, they also understand the value of working for their own keep. They will not hesitate to roll up their sleeves and work for what they want.

This trait would not work if they didn’t pair it with ambition and mental grit. Tauruses understand that not every great thing comes without relentless effort and are willing to give as much as they are willing to get.

Negative Taurus Traits

They can be inflexible. The very same trait that makes them stable and consistent can also make them inflexible, especially to changes that might help them. Tauruses don’t like change and they might end up missing great opportunities or wasting a lot of resources due to their inflexible ways.

Children born under this sign need to be taught how to step out of their comfort zones if they are to utilize their hard-working abilities and explore what the world has to offer them.

They are not fond of authority. Tauruses don’t like authority and will most likely show some negative attitude towards teachers, professors and, or leaders. It gets worse if they believe that the leadership in question is wrong and is wasting their time.

They can overindulge in pleasure-seeking ways. There is something like too much of pleasure which can be dangerous to anyone. Tauruses are more susceptible to this trait than any other sign. This can lead to laziness ad procrastination which could affect their careers and life goals.

They are perfectionists. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting a perfect world. However, such proclivities can make them miss great opportunities and experiences. They might end up abandoning things because they are not perfect or spend too much time on some projects just to make them appear perfect.

What are Taurus like in love and bed?


Tauruses like to do things at their own pace. They never rush into any relationship and will most likely drag their feet even in seemingly easy things like going out on a first date with someone. This does not mean that Tauruses are not interested in romance.

They like to take their time so they can look at the whole picture and consider all factors before making the decision to join a relationship.

A Taurus is aware of what their heart and head want. They are also aware of all the practical factors that could affect their relationship.

Their ultimate dating experience involves sweet comfort foods, in a comfortable setting such as a cosy couch where they can cuddle and make out with their partners. If you can get candles and good music, you will have made the perfect date for a Taurus.

Outside, they prefer walking to their favourite places, usually places you would find art such as museums, or taking a slow hike.


Tauruses unhurrying nature follows them even to bed. When dealing with a Taurus you will get a lot from a lot of stage setting, soft kisses and furtive looks across the room. Lovemaking has to mean something and will likely last for many hours as they want all their senses pleasured. Expect old school romance moves such as massages, baths, candles, love notes.

If a Taurus doesn’t feel like all their desires can be met in a lovemaking session due to time constraints, they will postpone or pass it up.

Taurus Compatibility

Are you interested in finding out how a Taurus matches up with other signs of the zodiac? Below are the most comfortable one-on-one relationship matches and enemies for these gentle beings.

Most compatible

Given that Taurus is an earth sign, it is expected that their most simpatico sign is other earth signs. After all, earth signs share their desire to keep it real at all times.

Earth is also highly compatible with water. Since Tauruses are known to think and plan ahead, they can prove valuable companions to water signs who will most likely pause their rational thoughts and dream while their earth companions plan and organize.

Tauruses are also compatible with Virgos for their thoughtfulness, Cancers for their home-loving and money-conscious ability, and Capricorns who are traditional and industrious nature.

Least Compatible

Tauruses are not necessarily incompatible with many signs. For example, a Taurus and Scorpio will bond over their need to develop deep emotional and physical connections with the people around them. However, their inherently stubborn nature makes them bad for each other as they will fail to find a common ground. This will affect their relationship.

Also, a Taurus will find it hard to connect with a Leo because Leos love the spotlight and being admired. A Taurus, on the other hand, prefers being appreciated.

A Taurus and an Aquarius will also not work because Aquarius and intellectuals who love ideas and concepts. They are not tied down to routines and comfort zones.