Considered as one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, Scorpio carries with it an energy that makes its bearers a unique blend that is passionate and magnetic around everyone they meet. It is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the Scorpion, a seductive and sensuous creature.

This water sign falls between the months of October 23-November 21.  It is ruled by the water element and the planet Pluto, the god of the underworld and all things occult. Scorpios are hard to miss. Whether you are one or are attracted to one, it helps to understand them a little more.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about Scorpios.

Traits and Personality of a Scorpio

Scorpios have both positive and negative traits. These are what make them great around some people and the worst kind of people around others.

Positive Scorpio Traits

Interested in Winning

Scorpios are relentless about winning. They know what they want in any situation and are not interested in taking anything less.

This attribute would make them a great team member or person to be with if you are interested in achieving the same goals. Their ability to manipulate people around them to get what they want makes them a great team member.

Scorpios Value Their Privacy

Scorpios are considered as one of the most secretive of the zodiac signs. They place a lot of value on their privacy and it would take a lot of effort to find out more about their lives.

Scorpios Value their Privacy
Scorpios Value their Privacy

If, for example, you are dating a Scorpio and feel that they are keeping a secret, it is not because they have something sinister to hide. This is their nature and it might take you some effort to get to know what they have hidden from the rest of the world.

They Love the Dark Side

Supernatural, noir, grotesque, horror and death are some of the ‘weird’ concepts that fascinate Scorpios. This is mostly because their imagination is fuelled by the darker side.

Do not be surprised or alarmed if your Scorpio partner makes some heavy dark jokes. They are not dangerous, they just have a natural proclivity to dark humour and are completely harmless.

They are Brave

Scorpios do not know how to back down in the face of a challenge. They are brave enough to try anything that might seem impossible for any other sign of the zodiac. You can never intimidate this water sign to not do anything they are interested in.

Negative Traits

Dominant and Controlling

A Scorpio will do everything in their power to dominate a relationship. Most times, this level of domination happens naturally and without their knowledge. Given that they love being in control, it is only natural that they will emerge as the dominant one in the relationship. This can make a bad partner in a relationship. Especially if they are paired with the wrong sign.

They are Possessive

A Scorpio will not be happy if, for example, they are in a relationship with someone who is constantly giving or receiving attention from other people. Their competitive side tends to spill over into possessiveness. Scorpios might become irritable if someone they are close to gets attention from someone they consider a threat.

Scorpios are posessive
Scorpios are posessive

They can be Insecure

This might seem paradoxical for someone who is not only interested in winning all the time, but also dominating every situation. However, Scorpios have an innate fear of not measuring up, especially when facing people they deem to be above them. This can spur them to make bold moves to earn the respect of those around them.

Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio’s personality is not suited for every sing of the zodiac. For some, this sign might be a little too much while others might find Scorpios to be great people to be around. Here are some of the most and least compatible signs for people born under this zodiac sign.

Most compatible Partners

Scorpio and Taurus

A Scorpio and Taurus can make a great match. Their personalities are built to complement each other. Tauruses are fiercely loyal to their partners. So while a Scorpio might be jealous about their Taurus partner receiving attention from other parties, they really have nothing to worry about, especially if the relationship is built on a strong foundation.

These two signs are also different and similar in complementary ways. While the Taurus sign is calm and collected on the inside, the Scorpio sign is mentally and emotionally hyperactive. This attribute only makes Tauruses admire their Scorpio partners more and see it for what it is, intensity and passion.

Sexually, Scorpios are more passionate lovers while the Taurus sign is more sensual. This combination is bond to breed one of the best companionships. Lovemaking is done slowly and usually to the benefit of getting the best of each other.

Scorpio and Cancer

These make one of the best matches under the zodiac sign. Scorpios and Cancers have a wild collection of things they have in common.

While both the Scorpio and Cancer are controlling and have no problem dominating a relationship, Cancers will easily let their more competitive and dominating partners take the reins.

The two signs are private and prefer staying indoors over going out. They are intuitive enough to not necessarily need words to understand what you want from each other.

Sexually, things can get emotional and intense. There will never be a dull moment in your sex life. Your ability to intuitively understand each other makes it possible to give each other exactly what they need.

Scorpio and Virgo

A Virgo and a Scorpio is yet another great combination that is bound to breed a fruitful relationship. Virgos tend to admire their partner’s confidence and strength. Their stubbornness is something Virgos will appreciate and the ability to control every situation will be appreciated.

A Virgo will have no problem letting the more dominant partner take the reins of the relationship. While Virgos can be shy and reserved, their confidence and strong personality will attract their Scorpio partner.

Sexually, the Scorpio will take the lead. This is a great thing because a Scorpio will likely get their partner to try out new things in the bedroom.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpios and Capricorns are both hardworking. Their similar values and goals make them a great match.

These two signs are reserved. They would pick staying indoors and building a home over going out. A Capricorn will appreciate their partner’s down to earth nature and sense of responsibility.

Sexually, Scorpios love lusty sex and there is no better partner to provide it than a Capricorn. Given that Scorpios can be a little too involved with their ambitions, a Capricorn is the best sexual partner to pull them from work and into a world of sensual pleasure.

Scorpio and Pisces

Pisces and Cancers are the best matches for Scorpios. Pisces are vulnerable and selfless which greatly complements their Scorpio’s strong and protective nature. Both signs place great value on loyalty and can be highly possessive. Your potential to connect on a deep and emotional level makes it easier to intuitively understand each other.

The Scorpio sign will always put a Pisces first, thanks to their selfless nature and in turn, the Pisces sign will do everything in their power to protect their partner from being taken advantage of.

Sexually, the Scorpio and Pisces make the best match. Both signs have high regard for sex and appreciate the emotional entanglement it brings. A Pisces desires being possessed, something a Scorpio will do without breaking a sweat.

Least Compatible Partners

Scorpio and Gemini

A Scorpio and Gemini combination has the potential to bring great things. However, both have traits that will eventually draw them apart. Geminis are more social and can easily flirt with other people. Scorpios will not take this kindly given their possessive nature.

The Scorpio is a more emotional partner in the relationship and requires that their partners meet them at these depths. However, the Gemini is a light and sociable partner who will struggle to attach too many emotions to the relationship.

Sexually, while both the Gemini and Scorpio have the potential of having intense sex at the beginning, it will be too much for their Gemini partner in the long run.

Scorpio and Libra

A Scorpio and Libra match might start off great, thanks to Scorpio’s attractiveness and sex appeal. However, Libras are more intellectual and analytical while their partners are more emotional. The Libra sign appreciates verbal communication more while a Scorpio relies on intuition.

Additionally, the Libra sign is more social than Scorpios care for. This might end up making Scorpios see Libras as superficial.

Sexually, a Libra will be fascinated by the Scorpio’s power in the bedroom. However, this will not last long because while Libras like sex light, fun and more romantic, Scorpios require that their partners invest emotionally into the relationship.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpios love deeply and on an emotional level, which makes them incompatible with most signs that love light and fun connections. Sagittarius is one of these signs. While the connection will be strong and intense at first, a Sagittarius will eventually get winded out by the emotional attachment that comes with it.

Sagittarius are also open communicators unlike their reserved and intuitive Scorpio partners. They prefer debating everything and having everything laid out in a conversation while a Scorpio will feel more comfortable relying on their emotions and intuition.

Sexually, things will work out great. The Scorpio and Sagittarius sex life is great with a deep emotional connection. Eventually, however, the Sagittarius is likely to leave.