You may have wondered what connects you to that friend or co-worker. Why do people say you have similar traits? Well, you might just fall under the same zodiac sign.

Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th. This water sign is ruled by the planet, Neptune, and represented by a pair of fish.

Pisces pair of fish

Ask anyone who knows about the zodiacs, and they’ll tell you that the Pisces traits are generally generous, empathic, and emotional. But, could that be all there is to the Pisces?


Here, we’ll be explaining all the Pisces traits, and how they deal with real-life situations. So, at the end of this guide, you will be able to easily interact with and understand your Pisces friends, lovers, and relatives.

Traits and Personality

Pisces generally have a complex personality. Although they are very creative, empathetic, and generous. This could also be a bad thing sometimes. For instance, they can become overly emotional which sometimes is a turn-off.

Pisces Positive Traits


Pisces care for others more than they care for themselves. Even if you treat them so badly, they never stop being selfless. They always want the people around them to be happy, so they try to help with everyone’s problems, at times, at the expense of their happiness.  


Pisces is the most artistic of the zodiac. They love to live and enjoy life. They love art and never stop expressing their imaginations and creativity every day. You’ll find many of them in fields like music, writing, and art.


Asides being one of the most generous beings, a Pisces is always there when you feel down. Need someone to listen to the worst day of your life? Or someone whose shoulder you can rest your head and cry on? Pisces will try everything they can to make you feel happy. They are like your personal therapist - so empathetic and emotional that they will even start crying when you cry.

Pisces Negative Traits


Pisces feel that the world is a very terrible place. So, whenever they feel down, all the negative thoughts just come swimming in. When they get hurt, it takes quite a while to recover and get over it. And this period of recovery for them is filled with a lot of negativity.


An unmotivated Pisces may just be the most annoying person in your life. Although they love to get all creative and artistic, when there’s no motivation, there’s nothing you’ll do to get them to work. Extremely lazy! When they feel that nothing will get better no matter how hard they try, they stop trying altogether.

Overly Emotional

If you thought because the Pisces are in tune with other people’s emotions, they’ll be able to keep their emotions right all the time, you’re wrong. Their natural empathetic and emotional nature sometimes causes them to get moody and overly emotional. It isn’t unusual to see a Pisces burst into tears during an argument. Remember, when something goes wrong, everything gets negative in a snap.


One of the Pisces traits that make them stand out is how they see others. They easily trust people and it doesn’t take long to convince them to carry follow strange, illogical goals or ideas. Because they are natural dreamers, they don’t see anything wrong with this. But everyone else knows that’s not the practical step to take. They easily go along with what people say because they want to keep the peace. Anyone can impress them.

Closed Off

Pisces love to take care of people, but they rarely accept help from people. Sometimes, this is because they feel that no one understands them the same way they understand everyone else. Other times, they are usually taken advantage of because of their generosity. So, it becomes very hard for them to trust anyone.

At this point, you can tell that the Pisces' positive traits are also responsible for some of their negative traits.

Love, Family, and Money for Pisces

The Pisces Symbol
The Pisces Symbol

Pisces Love and Relationship

Pisces emotional nature makes them romantically compatible with Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, and Taurus, and least compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius.

They have the power to make all their relationships work.

Pisces prefer serious long-term relationships to one-night stands or on-and-off relationships. They fall hard so fast and want to make the relationship official within a short time.

They are true romantics!

Pisces don’t stop surprising their partners with gifts to show their devotion and love. They always make their partners feel loved.

Although they will never tell or show you that they expect the same effort in return, you will hurt them if you neglect them for a long time. Having tough discussions may also be difficult because they feel hurt easily and may end up retreating. If you’re an independent individual, their devotion may come across as neediness, and you may end up angry most of the time.

Pisces Family

Pisces are family-oriented. Everyone at home values them and they always make family a priority in their life.

Because they are natural people-pleasers and always want to make everyone feel better, they are always the therapist of the family or friendship clique.

This Pisces trait usually makes it difficult for them to have a stance on things or draw lines where necessary. So, they are taken advantage of by people they love.

Pisces and Money

Pisces are not frugal spenders. Although they try to spend wisely, they usually spend a lot on spontaneous purchases. So, when shopping, they purchase a lot of things, only to return the items when they realize they never really needed it. They are usually generous with their money, but sometimes, they also spend it on vices.

Generally, Pisces believe that relationships, time, and money are the most crucial things in life.

Are you a Pisces?

Don’t be scared that you have all these inside you.

No one has all the traces of their zodiac. So, find the ones that apply to you. If you don’t find anything, you can leave it and keep enjoying your life.

In general, Pisces try to help everyone. So, we have a piece of advice for you – Even though you love to see the best in everyone and everything, don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

Keep loving and helping people while you improve yourself and make the best decisions for your happiness.